Calypso - Rojas Ranch 2017

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Calypso RR

(PMU Foal from Moosehorn, Canada)

(Belgian Draft)
Calypso was trucked 1476 miles from the Premarin farm in Moosehorn to Greensburg, Pennsylvania where we pick him up, and the we drove 600 more miles home. He was only five months old, but he was the biggest of all the foals. He is a gentle giant, easy to ride, like a big mattress, but eventually he will be taught to pull a cart. He loves treats and he is just a big baby.
For decades, Premarin was the most popular drug in the United States, with millions of women taking the drug to treat menopausal symptoms. Because Premarin is made with estrogens extracted from pregnant mares’ urine (PMU), thousands of mares were used to produce this bitter pill, contributing to the unnecessary overbreeding of horses.
From October to March, the pregnant mares live in the "pee barns," forced to stand in stalls with urine collection devices strapped to them. The stalls are deliberately narrow to prevent pregnant mares from turning around and detaching the collection cups. In April, the mares are led out to pasture to have their foals and then are re-bred. A few fillies are kept as replacements and the rest of the foals, sometimes as young as two months, are rounded up and taken to auction.
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